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"The hardest thing in this world to understand is the Income Tax" - ALBERT EINSTEIN

An income tax is a government tax imposed on individuals or entities that varies with the income or profits of the taxpayer.  Paying taxes is something we all have to go through. Unfortunately, this process takes a lot of time and it can be highly stressful.  Through our knowledge, experience, and continuing education we are able to help you keep more of your hard earned money in your pockets. We see taxation as having a direct effect on the lives of most individuals and we consider that to be critical in our methods. There are a multitude of life situations that will have a significant tax impact on your finances and we would like to make you aware of them. Here are a few changes to consider: 1) getting a new job, 2) buying or selling a house, 3) getting married or divorced, 4) expecting or adopting a child, 5) relocating, 6) attending college or paying back student loans, 7) investing or saving for retirement, 8) starting a business, 9) selling assets, 10) receiving an inheritance, and many more. We are equipped to help you benefit from many tax benefits.

At PRECISE TAXES, LLC we provide our clients high quality solution-based services personalized for their unique needs. For those who may be struggling to understand how to report their taxes properly will benefit from a consultation visit. Our formal tax interviews serve to give you, our valued client, a chance to pose your most taxing questions. We will spend time reviewing your documents & forms, addressing any changing circumstances as applicable, and answer any questions you may have. Our services include Income Tax PreparationBookkeeping, Income Tax Planning, Payroll, Sales Tax Filing, Audit Representation and other Tax and Accounting services. 

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Bookkeeping is simply the recording of financial transactions. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts and payments by an individual or organization. Keeping good records help when it's time to file your business tax forms at the end of the year. They help track deductible expenses and support all the items you report on your tax return. Good records also help you monitor your business progress and prepare your financial statements. You may choose any bookkeeping system that clearly shows your income and expenses. We offer monthly bookkeeping services and also the preparation of financial statements. Let us handle your small business accounting while you focus on your craft. We have multiple packages available to suite your needs.  Please "Request A Quote" for more details. 

Proper Tax Planning is one element of your overall financial planning process.  For some taxpayers, it gives you the opportunity to arrange your financial affairs in such a way that you can minimize your tax liability.  Planning ahead of time allows you to legitimately reduce tax bills by either timing taxable events or shifting income on personal income or business profits.  A consultation may be beneficial to you if you would like further details of possible tax savings.  For more info on what to do with those savings click here 
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​You can count on us for all of your business accounting functions such as payroll, bookkeeping, and tax services.  Keeping all of your finances in one place helps eliminate communication errors and can also save time and money.  Our payroll service offers a hands on and hands off approach.  We can prepare your payroll and tax filings for you , or you can login and prepare your own payroll and we will ONLY handle all of your payroll tax filings.  Please refer to our Payroll page for further details.